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Love Hill, Andros Basketball Court


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MISSION: ANDROS HOPE desires to bring students from the United States, primarily Northwest Arkansas, and Andros, Bahamas together to establish Camp Andros Hope – a fun, rural learning environment where students can go during the spring and summer to develop as leaders, establish relationships with people from diverse backgrounds, and ultimately grow in their spiritual maturity.

Project Overview:

We know that one of the fastest ways to develop social capital in a community is through recreation and sports. Most kids just want to play and have fun, and they usually create lasting relationships through competing. Currently, basketball is the most popular sport in The Bahamas. There are few courts with quality playing surfaces on Andros Island. We’d like to provide a safe, central location in this community that will serve as a rallying place for the youth to pursue their dreams through education and sports and also serve as the foundation for what we hope to continue developing in and around this community.

Benefit to U.S. Youth
● Gain a greater appreciation of the world by understanding different cultural perspectives
● Encourage a strong appreciation of one’s local environment
● Decrease the fear experienced when having to work with people from different cultures
● Improve in areas of self-development and increase in self-confidence and self-esteem
● Become more mature and grow in social poise
● Acquire a sense of accomplishment
● Strive to attain new goals
● Build confidence to act on independent ideas
● Be empowered to make decisions about post-secondary education and future career paths

Benefit to Bahamian Youth
● Have access to high quality educational and sports resources in their community
● Get assistance gaining access to post-secondary studies in the United States
● Engage with students from the United States and learn more about the U.S. culture
● Become leaders in their community

Mission: Andros Hope 5-Year Potential Human Being Impact Beginning in 2018


Phase 1 (Year 1) - Back to school jersey and toy donation from NWA to The Bahamas

Potential U.S. youth impacted: 15

Potential Bahamian youth impacted: *700


Phase 2 (Year 2) - Provide multi-sport court for the Love Hill, Andros park

Potential U.S. youth impacted: 30

Potential Bahamian youth impacted: *700


Phase 3 (Year 3) - Establish accommodations for incoming groups

Potential U.S. youth impacted: 60

Potential Bahamian youth impacted: *700


Phase 4 (Year 4) - Develop agriculture and mariculture projects

Potential U.S. youth impacted: 120

Potential Bahamian youth impacted: *700


Phase 5 (Year 5) - Continue developing summer camp

Potential U.S. youth impacted: 240

Potential Bahamian youth impacted: *700


*Annual average number of students attending school in Central Andros, Bahamas School District grades K-12 Andros

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