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Future home of Bahamas Hope Headquarters and Living Accommodations

The overall vision of Bahamas Hope is to build brighter futures for our youth through cultural exchange, education and sports. Often viewed as a land of paradise, The Bahamas has its plights where young people within these communities sometimes experience their biggest challenge to find productive places within society. We envision bringing hope to these communities, our future, by investing in their lives, allowing them to see what great potential they possess.  

We envision creating opportunities through life skills development to the youth struggling in school, to the pregnant teenager, or simply to the youth who may just need one of the many education programs or sports initiatives offered to develop academic or sporting skills. 

Bahamas Hope will focus on providing missional opportunities that will encourage a collaborative effort between organizations throughout the Bahamas and the US to assist in our overall goal to offer hope for youth everywhere.

We will build accommodations to house organizations that come in to help within these communities as well as provide a safe place for struggling youth. This is our mission, our vision, and this is what we wish for you to assist us with.  If you wish to assist with our projects, please click the DONATE button below.

Benefit to U.S. Youth
● Gain a greater appreciation of the world by understanding different cultural perspectives
● Encourage a strong appreciation of one’s local environment
● Decrease the fear experienced when having to work with people from different cultures
● Improve in areas of self-development and increase in self-confidence and self-esteem
● Become more mature and grow in social poise
● Acquire a sense of accomplishment
● Strive to attain new goals
● Build confidence to act on independent ideas
● Be empowered to make decisions about post-secondary education and future career paths

Benefit to Bahamian Youth
● Have access to high quality educational and sports resources in their community
● Get assistance gaining access to post-secondary studies in the United States

● Access to safe environments to develop social capital
● Engage with students from the United States and learn more about the U.S. culture
● Become leaders in their community

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