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iYes Bahamas

Who We Are

We serve to impact the youth of The Bahamas by encouraging, empowering, and motivating through, education, recreation, and sports.  The Bahamas, which has an estimated population of nearly 400,000 people throughout their 30 inhabited islands, has a vast number of talented youth.  However, a high number do not possess the opportunity to utilize and develop their natural abilities, which on numerous occasions are often hindered by a high level of societal ills, which negatively impact Bahamian communities.

It is our desire to reverse this trend by creating a positive environment through the development of mentorship programs and all-inclusive educational and sporting facilities, which will include health and fitness programs that encourage healthier lifestyles. In the end, we hope to enhance the personal development of our youth and create productive citizens who will in turn contribute to the effective preservation of the Bahamian communities and the world at large. 

iYES Bahamas is a Bahamian non-profit organization dedicated to serving and developing the communities of The Bahamas through education and sports.


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